- 100$ (CAD) before february 1st
- 120$ (CAD) after february 1st
- No refund

Registrations are now closed. Thanks everyone for participating in this event.

- 100$ (CAD) before february 1st
- 120$ (CAD) after february 1st
- No refund


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Results 2019


Results 2018

Results (men)
Results (women)
Qualification ranks (men)
Qualification ranks (women)

Men 2017

1NAASZ CameronUSA250 points
2DUGERDIL TristanFRA200 points
3CROXALL KyleCAN150 points
4CROXALL ScottCAN125 points
5DUNNE MaxwellUSA112.5 points
6FOLEY SimonCAN100 points
7COX StevenCAN95 points
8MILINKOVIC EricCAN90 points
9RENAUD ShayneCAN85 points
10RENAUD GabrielCAN80 points
11MORIARITY DeanCAN75 points
12KRIETER EliUSA70 points
13BERGESON DanielUSA65 points
14BOUVET-MORRISSETTE GuillaumeCAN62.5 points
15SCHRAM JackUSA60 points
16TARU MarkEST57.5 points
17DALLAGO MarcoAUT55 points
18MORIARITY DylanCAN52.5 points
19RICHARD BrunoCAN50 points
20IULIANELLO MichaelUSA47.5 points
21BERGERON JeremieCAN45 points
22BEAUCHESNE MarcelCAN42.5 points
23BELLEFLEUR CarlCAN40 points
24METZ WadeCAN37.5 points
25SCHMITT PacomeFRA37 points
26MERCIER AlexCAN36.5 points
27LAROUCHE OlivierCAN36 points
28PROVENCHER YannickCAN35.5 points
29DION AndreCAN35 points
30HARVEY HubertCAN34.5 points
31THORNTON KirkUSA34 points
32CHOUINARD Jean-GuyCAN33.5 points
33FISHER JohnCAN33 points
34VAN AKEN GwenaelBEL32.5 points
35ROTH TylerCAN31.25 points
36TRUDEAU JoeyCAN30 points
37PURDON JoshuaCAN28.75 points
38LESSARD Pierre-MarcCAN27.5 points
39SEVO PetarNED26.25 points
40DION-BARRIAULT CharlesCAN25 points
41RIOPEL JulienCAN23.75 points
42LEBLANC RaymondCAN22.5 points
43GAGNÉ LEMIEUX LéandreCAN21.25 points
44LEGAULT BrunoCAN20 points
45O'REILLY AndrewCAN19.5 points
46BARRETTE MaximeCAN19 points
47GIRARD FrancoisCAN18.5 points
48COTE JeanCAN18 points
49KAWAHARA MattUSA17.5 points
50LESSARD VincentCAN17 points
51LARSON BrandonCAN16.5 points
52SIMARD AlexandreCAN16 points
53SIMARD olivierCAN15.5 points
54DOCHERTY JustinCAN15 points
55MAJOR ALAINCAN14.5 points
56HOFFMANN MichaelGER14 points
57PENNINGROTH RobUSA13.5 points
58WEBB LukeAUS13 points
59METIVIER PatrickCAN12.5 points
60BOUCHARD JeffreyCAN12.375 points
61GOSSELIN NicholasCAN12.25 points
62GAUDREAULT FélixCAN12.125 points
63PIGEON EricCAN12 points
64LAQUERRE Marc-OlivierCAN11.875 points
65MCKEE WilliamUSA11.75 points
66CORNELIS RedlefBEL11.625 points
67LOUIS ProulxCAN11.5 points
68CROAL NickolasUSA11.375 points
69BERGERON JimmyCAN11.25 points
70LAGACÉ KevinCAN11.125 points
71ROY JonathanCAN11 points
72POMERLEAU DannyCAN10.875 points
73BOUCHARD FrancisCAN10.75 points
74LAMOUREUX CédrickCAN10.625 points
75CAMERON XavierCAN10.5 points
76CROUSSETTE GuillaumeCAN10.375 points
77BELANGER Jean-FrancoisCAN10.25 points
78BARBE Pierre-YvesCAN10.125 points
79O'DONNELL EricCAN10 points
80DEMERS FrançoisCAN9.875 points
81JACKSON KaneCAN9.75 points
82DUQUETTE AnthonyCAN9.625 points
83DUBE sylvainCAN9.5 points
84BROCHU ChristianCAN9.375 points
85RENAUD AlexandreCAN9.25 points
86NYKOLUK AramisCAN9.125 points
87GÉLINAS BrandonCAN9 points
88LETARTE DaveCAN8.875 points
89ANTOINE lebourdaisCAN8.75 points
90POULIOT GuyCAN8.625 points
91MCNUTT Jesse-RayCAN8.5 points
92BERGERON MaximeCAN8.375 points
93MOORE BenjaminCAN8.25 points
94BROUILLARD SébastienCAN8.125 points
95LACROIX EtienneCAN8 points
96FORTIER EtienneCAN7.875 points
97BEGIN MaximeCAN7.75 points
98OUELLET MartinCAN7.625 points
99LAVOIE YanCAN7.5 points
100REINISCH DavidAUT7.438 points
101GREENWOOD TomyCAN7.375 points
102OUELLET BenoitCAN7.313 points
103JOHNSON JessCAN7.25 points
104BROUSSEAU DavidCAN7.188 points
105CARROLL Marc-AntoineCAN7.125 points
106TREPANIER AntoineCAN7.063 points
107BRUNEAU DavidCAN7 points
108BONNETTE Jean-FrancisCAN6.938 points

Women 2017

1CHOUINARD JeanneCAN250 points
2TOPOLNISKY ElaineCAN200 points
3BLOMBERG AliciaCAN150 points
4LEFEBVRE DominiqueCAN125 points
5RANGEON SandrineFRA112.5 points
6SAVOIE julieCAN100 points
7BUESCH KatrinaGER95 points
8MCCREA KateCAN90 points
9VALADE LysanneCAN85 points
10PROVENCHER JoanieCAN80 points
11GELINAS JustineCAN75 points
12COURT NicoleCAN70 points
13DESCHENES ManonCAN65 points
14PLAICE CristinCAN62.5 points
15RICHARD JennycaCAN60 points
16SARAH BedardCAN57.5 points
17FOUCAULT FrédériqueCAN55 points
18BEAUPRÉ AlisonCAN52.5 points
19BOULIANNE KarineCAN50 points
20MURRAY TaylorCAN47.5 points
21LEMOINE AndreaCAN45 points
22MIREILLE DickeyCAN42.5 points
23STARK ColleenCAN40 points
24VALLIERE TaniaCAN37.5 points
25LALANCETTE laurieCAN37 points

More Info

Saturday, February 23

Company races: Teams of 3, maximum 24 teams. Contact Yannick for inscriptions

Monday, February 25

8am and/or 4pm: Practice

Tuesday, February 26

8am and/or 4pm: Practice

Wednesday, February 27

8am and/or 4pm: Practice

Thursday, February 28

7pm: 2 practice runs followed by qualifications (men, women, juniors)

Friday, March 01

6pm: 2 practice runs followed by qualifications (men, women, juniors)

8pm: Juniors race (top 32)

Saturday, March 02

9am: LCQ (61-124)

7pm: Top 64 (Men) + top 32 (Women)


*Practice slots are 20$. Program may vary depending on weather.